Seniors of Mosier Valley

Seniors of Mosier Valley

The Seniors of Mosier Valley is a non-profit organization who contracts with Pioneer Potlatch to provide two meals a week and a location for seniors to get together to socialize, receive information and access to resources specifically designed for enhancing senior living.

The Seniors of Mosier Valley rely on volunteers to perform a variety of the jobs that help make the Center such a great place for our community's older adults.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please contact:
                       Kathy Long              541-478-2910 or 
                       Ginny Grider            541-478-2520 or
                       Peggy Berthold        541-296-4000

The Seniors of Mosier Valley meet every Monday and Wednesday in the meeting room at Mosier Creek Terrace, 500 E 2nd Ave, Mosier, Oregon, 97040. Meals are served Mondays and Wednesdays at 12 noon. We serve all Mid-Columbia Seniors 60 years young and over. Suggested donation is only $3.50. Please bring your own plate and utensils.

Recently the Seniors of Mosier Valley received a number of art items from the estate of renowned artist and sculptor, Arthur W. Higgins. The Seniors are selling a number of these art items to raise operating funds for their programs.

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